The Villas

Villa Ambra

Villa Ambra is the only villa where each of its five bedrooms has direct views of the sea and the river estuary. Its owners enjoy their frequent visits from Britain and they have ensured that the villa provides the levels of comfort and functionality that they demand of their own home.

Villa Mary

Villa Mary has five bedrooms and the largest gardens and pool of the estate. Orientated towards the river estuary, it has a private path that runs down to the beach. Also unique for Pantai Lima, Villa Mary has extensive views over working rice fields to the east.

Villa Melissa

Villa Melissa is a visual tour de force with a unique “wow” factor! It has spectacular design features – high vaulted ceilings, mirror image decor and an extraordinary “river” that runs the length of the house, from the portal to the pool.

Villa Sound of the Sea

Villa Sound of the Sea is the most Balinese of Pantai Lima’s villas. It is centred on an imposing thatched bale made from traditional alang-alang fibre. It is also unique among the estate’s villas in that it has a special covered children’s pool, which makes it ideal for families with youngsters with fair or sensitive skin.

Villa Waringin

Villa Waringin harmonizes Balinese design nuances with colonial style. Its open spaces and high ceilings, lush gardens flourishing under the shade of Banyan trees, ponds and water fountains echoing the crashing waves, make it one of the most sough-after beachfront villas in Bali.